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Robert E. Euans, Architects, Inc.
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American Health Packaging (Drug Processing Facility), Columbus, Ohio
2007New Administration Offices
2007New Pallet Area

Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center (Guernsey Memorial), Cambridge, Ohio
1978Cardio-Pulmonary Department
1978Master Plan
1980Surgery Department, Radiology Department, Central Sterile, Medical Records, Housekeeping and Alterations
1980Energy Analysis
1981New meeting rooms
1981Business office
1982Smoke barriers
1982JCAH Statement of Construction
1984New O.B. department
1985Cat scan addition
1986JCAH Statement of Construction
1986Medical Director's offices
1986Centralized registration
1986Surgery holding area
1986Parking lot expansion
1987Office Renovations for Director of Maintenance
1987Ambulatory care
1987Telephone equipment room area revisions to create an extra office
1987Automatic entrance doors
1988Additional parking area
1988Skilled nursing department
1989JCAH Statement of Construction
1989Consultation room on typical patient floor
1989Master planning study
1989Incinerator enclosure
1990Shower room alterations
1990Preliminary plans for new parking garage
1990Ambulatory recovery area for surgery
1990Study of hospital electrical system
1990Pharmacy relocation/Laboratory expansion study
1992New SICU unit
1992New Emergency, centralized registration and Endoscopy
1992JCAHO Statement of Construction
1993Pharmacy and Medical Records Alterations
1994Second and Third Floor Patient Tower Alterations
1994Original Building West Wing Extension for MRI
1995Upgrade of Fire Alarm System for entire Facility
1996Convert Existing Dumbwaiter Shaft Areas on each floor to Electrical Closets
1996Physicians Lounge Alterations and Enlargement
1997New Emergency Department
1998Kitchen Alterations and Improvements 
1999Meeting Rooms Addition and Phlebotomy Relocation
2000Child Birth Center, New Pharmacy, Radiology Expansion
2000Surgery Waiting, Phlebotomy, Registration Area
2000Nuclear Medicine
2001MRI Addition
2001Open Heart Surgery Addition Preliminaries
2001Studies for Alterations of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Original Building
2001Study to add ADA Restrooms on 3rd and 4th Floor of Original Building
2002Heart Cathertization Equipment Coordination
2002Connector Building and Foundation for Modular Building Addition West Wing
2002Brine Tank Platform Structural Review
2003Medical Records Alterations, Original Building
2003Original Building Ground and 1st Floor Alteration Studies
2003Updated Overall Floor Plans
2004JCAHO Report
2005Patio Enclosure

Good Samaritan Medical Center, Zanesville, Ohio
1988Emergency department planning studies
1989Study for Administrative offices in chapel wing
1989Preliminary design for service building addition
1989Preliminary design of parking garage and lobby alterations
1990Medical Arts building addition
1990Replace three elevators with new elevators
1990Myrtle and Forest office building study
1990JCAHO Statement of Construction
1990Preliminary plans for Dr. Myer's office building
1990Code review of dead end corridors within pre-natal clinic area
1990South Zanesville Family Practice Center addition
1991Convert Days Inn Motel to Alcoholism Treatment Center
1991Frazeysburg doctor's office building preliminaries
1991Myrtle and Forest Avenues parking lot
1991Maple and Adair Avenue parking lot

Athens Mental Health Center, Athens, Ohio
1985Consultant to Korda Engineering on Geriatric Center Alterations
1987Consultant to Korda Engineering on Creed Hall Alterations
1987Consultant to Korda Engineering on Activity Therapy Alterations
1988Fire alarm and roofing renovations

Cambridge Mental Health Center,  Cambridge, Ohio
1986Fire door and roof renovation project

Galion Community Hospital, Galion, Ohio
1980Associate Architect with Alexander/Seckel Architects on planning study
1984Associate Architect with Alexander/Seckel Architects for new O.B. department

Guernsey Health Services, Cambridge, Ohio
1981Doctor's office building
1982Doctor's office building
1988Doctor's office building addition

Harrison Community Hospital, Cadiz, Ohio
1978Surgery, ICU, Radiology and Central Stores additions and alterations
1978Roofing study
1978Patient room alterations
1979Laboratory and Physical Therapy department alterations
1980JCAH Statement of Construction and Structural Support of air conditioning units
1983JCAH Statement of Construction
1984Cat scan addition
1985JCAH Statement of Construction
1986Pre-natal clinic
1986Fitness Center 
1997New Emergency Department
1998New Administration, Business Office and 4 Doctors Office Suites
1999New Dining Room, Dishwashing, Serving Line and Pharmacy Department
2001Study for Geriatric and Psychiatric Wards
2002JCAHO Report
2003Overall Floor Plan Update
2005Main Nurses Station Alterations
2008New Administration, Pharmacy and Business Office Addition

Lancaster Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Center
1995Renovate Existing Bank Building into a Rehabiltation and Diagnostic Center
1998Somerset (Perry County) Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Center
1998Studies for A Canal Winchester Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Center
2000Study to convert Lancaster Offices Gymnasium into Diagnostic Spaces
2001Alterations to Perry County Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Center

Memorial Hospital of Union County, Marysville, Ohio
1986New Surgery addition, Central Sterile Processing department, new dining room and     meeting rooms
1987ICU department, New Pharmacy and Medical Records addition
1989Loading dock canopy, Emergency Room waiting room, kitchen area, freezer cooler base, and west wing entry
1989Preliminary design of new Emergency department
1989New parking lot plans
1989New electrical system for hospital
1990Paving of truck delivery area
1990Mobile meals offices alterations
1991Medical office area alterations
1991South Plum Street doctor's office building study
1991Review of kitchen area for new dishwashing area
1991JCAHO Statement of Construction
1991Overall site plan studies
1991618 Plum Street doctor's office building
1991Stocksdale Drive doctor's office building alteration study
1992Richwood, Ohio doctor's office building alteration study
1992Admitting Department Alterations
1992Medical Office Building Alterations
1992New Gift Shop and Entrance Canopy
1993Nursery Area Alterations
1993Radiology Department Alterations
1993New Mammograhy Area
1993Health Center and Cardio-Pulmonary Addition
1993Kitchen Delivery Area Renovations
1993Laboratory Addition within existing Building Area
1993Renovate existing space for T.B. Patient use
1994Add Automatic Sprinklers to portion of existing building
1994Study for Addition and Renovations of Home Health Care Facility
1995O.B. Department Renovation and Addition including Birthing Rooms
1995Laboratory Alterations
1995Physical Therapy Alterations
1996Ultrasound Area
1996ADA Accessibility Review and Report
1996Review proposed Alterations to Morey Center
1997Doctors Office Area at Honda of America Plant for MHUC
1997Review and Report of Fire Separation Wall Locations
1997Doctors Office Area Alterations and Renovations
1997Radiology Office Area Upgrade and Alteration
1997Convert Storage Space to new Computer Training Classroom
1997Kitchen Area Alterations
1998Doctors Office Renovations and Alterations
1998        New Emergency Department
1999Planning for ACC and Business Office Relocations
1999New Physical Therapy Department
1999Pharmacy Department Alterations and Addition
2000Study for Parking Lot Alterations
2000Mills Center Mental Health Alterations
2000Speech and Hearing Alterations
2000New Main Entry Study
2000JCAHO Report
2000Child Birth Center Preliminary Study
2000Ambulatory Care Preliminary Study
2001Radiology Alterations
2001Convert Existing Shower Area to Storage
2001Study to convert existing main restrooms to ADA compliant restrooms
2001Phlebotomy Alterations 
2001Compactor Enclosure
2001Update Overall Floor Plans
2001Mammography Alterations
2002Sleep Clinic
2002Radiology Registration Area
2002MRI Department
2002Partial Reroofing Project
2003East Entry Canopy Proposal
2003Dietary Department Alteration Study
2003Doctor’s Office Area Alterations
2003New Kitchen Ceilings
2004Reroofing of Doctor’s Office Wing
2004Mammography and Physical Therapy Alterations
2004Prepartion of Overall Fire Wall Location Plans
2006JCAHO Report
2006MRI and Cat Scan Department Alterations
2008JCAHO Report

Mount Carmel East Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
1986Consultant to Korda Engineering on Physician's office repairs
1993Horizons Imaging New Linear Accelerator, New MRI Unit and 4 Unit Radiology Renovations

Marion General Hospital, Marion, Ohio
1993New MRI Unit Facility

New Concord Nursing Home, New Concord, Ohio
1988Studies for new addition

Ohio State University Hospitals, Columbus, Ohio
1983Fifth floor Means Hall Renovation       
1984Fourth floor Means Hall alterations     
1985MRI unit support facilities                    
1985Means Hall EEG facility                      
1986Dodd Hall Gait Lab                             
1986Graves Hall laboratory alterations      
1986Health Science Library alterations     
1986Upham Hall laboratory renovations   
1986Dodd Hall entry revision
1986Doan Hall 8th floor and Heart Transplant Recovery
1986First and second floor Dodd Hall alterations      
1987Second floor Doan Hall Gastroenterology alterations    
1996Preliminary Study for Gahanna Care Facility 
2005Rhodes Hall Lithotripsy Suite             
2006Doan Hall Respiratory Therapy          
2006Doan Hall Clinical Laboratory Alterations     
2007Doan Hall PET/CT Training Room               
2008Doan Hall Room 337 Renovate for Cytology Processing     
2012        Rhodes Hall Room 251, Remodel for new Philips Radiology Unit
2013Graves Hall Renovation of several rooms for new onclogy department
2013Renovation of an emergency exam room as a seclusion room
2013Alteration to create a gait lab in Atwell Hall
2014Graves Hall Office Alterations for Cytology
2014Graves Hall Flood Damage Repairs on three floors

St. Raphael's Home for the Aged, Marble Cliff, Ohio
1986Preliminary design for major expansion

St. Rita's Home for the Aged, Columbus, Ohio
1984Activity center addition
1995New Parking Lot

Veteran's Administration Medical Center, Huntington, West Virginia
1989Studies for isolation room project
1992Convert 4 private patient rooms to isolation rooms

Wendt Bristol Company, Columbus, Ohio
2003New MRI and Cat Scan Department

Westerville Convalescent and Nursing Center, Westerville, Ohio
1988Dining room alteration

Doctor's Office Building, Scio, Ohio, 1983               Doctor's Office Building, Dover, Ohio, 1986
Doctor's Office Building, Byesville, Ohio, 1988

             Medical Arts Office Building.